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Short Term Study Visa.





The Short Term Study Visas are for students who wish to study in the United Kingdom for a period of 6months or less. A Short Term Study Visa is not a part of the Home Office Point Based System (PBS).

For those considering a short term Visa please be advised that the Visa lasts for a maximum of 6 months. At the end of the 6 month period students must return to their native country. There is no extension for this particular type of Visa.

Applying for Short Term Study Visa:
For students who are Visa nationals, you must apply in your home country. You will have to submit the application through the Home Office website. If you are a visa national, you must apply for Short Term Study Visa in your home country. As a part of your application you must attend the BHC in the country of your application in person and have your biometric data (fingerprints) taken.


Your application requires you to submit the following documents:

  1. A conditional letter from the college
  2. Proof that you have sufficient money to sustain yourself during your course.




If you are a non – visa national, you do not need to apply for Short Term Study Visa before you come to the UK. You can get it free on arrival.
You can get a Short Term Study Visa on arrival is only for student living in non – visa national.
You will need. To apply you will need:

  1. Have a course in place before you come to the UK
  2. Have your Student Visa support letter to show at immigration when you arrive
  3. Let immigration know that you have booked a course and desire a Short Term Study Visa

Short Term Study Visa fees
The cost of Short Term Study Visa is £83 for visa nationals and non-visa nationals applying for a visa before they arrive in the United Kingdom. It is free for non-visa nationals applying for Short Term Study Visa on arrival.
Should you apply for a Short Term Study Visa, a green visa sticker will be added in your passport. The sticker will state the date your visa is valid from and the expiry date.

If you are getting your visa on arrival, you will not have a sticker in your passport. Instead, you will have your passport stamped in immigration, and officer will add letters ‘VST’ next to the stamp.
Please check that the date of entry is clear on the entry stamp. If you cannot read it, ask the officer to stamp it again.


This Visa does not give you the right to work the United Kingdom


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