InnoLearn Launches English and Football Program for international students with Future Lions Academy


Innolearn has teamed up with a number of recognisable and reputable English football clubs to offer a combination of English and Football skills study tours.

Our recent partnership with  Future Lions International Football Academy who offer a range of courses both short term (3 Months) and Longterm (6 months-11 months) for aspiring young footballers from age 15 – 23 from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Together with Future Lions We believe in giving young potential football players the best opportunities to be coached by professional coaches, train and enjoy learning in a range of different locations around the World and allow young footballers the chance to significantly improve their football ability as well as improve their English Language skills and to be seen by scouts, coaches, receive professional and honest feedback, and have the opportunity to play in competitive and showcase matches.

We have regular study tours from all over the globe at different times of the years. Group bookings can also be done to accommodate 10 or more students.

For students who love football and want to play it every waking minute! Coaching sessions are led by qualified staff and aim to improve each student’s technical skills and abilities. students will also build on their understanding of match tactics and playing systems. there are regular matches and a weekly showpiece game.